Genres I’ll accept and the pricing of it all

I will accept most any genre, and yes, that includes Erotica! My true specialty and love lies within anything romance based so if you have any of those, be sure to send them my way!

Assume I accept any genre that isn’t listed below. Below are the few genres I won’t accept simply because I have no interest in the subject matter.

-Historical Non-Fiction



– Fan-Fiction


The usual price for a page by page, content edit is between $7-$10 dollars PER PAGE.  If your novel is around 175 pages long, that means you’d be paying between $1225 – 1750 for someone to tell you their opinion on your work and how to improve.

That’s not how I believe this should work.

My prices and critique options are as follows:

(All rates are in US Dollars)

  • Summary/Blurb Critique + First three chapters: $45

-The Summary is the first thing the reader encounters and it has to grab their attention. Same goes for the first few chapters. I will go through, line by line and point out weaknesses, strengths, and how to make sure you’re intriguing the reader right off the bat!

  • Full Manuscript Critique: $2.00 Per page.

-This is the Big Picture Critique. I’ll be going through the entire novel with a fine tooth comb and pointing out things that work and things that don’t. I’ll be commenting line by line on the moments that catch my attention or don’t flow with the story. I’ll be able to point out key character inconsistencies and awkward paragraphs or dialogue, etc.  This is where I will tell you where you shine as an author and where you need to improve.

For the Summary+ First three chapters critique, my feedback will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. For the Full Manuscript critique, I require half of the payment to be paid before I begin my critique with the other half of the payment following the receipt of my full critique.

Payment methods will be discussed further via Email once you contact me with your request.