“I asked Alexandria to critique the first chapter of my book – and I’m so glad I did! She provided an in-depth analysis of what she liked about my writing and, more importantly, why she liked it. Alexandria also suggested that I end my chapter with a twist to further the plot and keep the reader’s interest. I took her advice, and I couldn’t be happier with how the chapter turned out. I’d highly recommend her services.” – Ana Easterly

 “Alexandria Lee is an amazing critic! Being a talented writer herself, she has managed to help me with several of my stories. She’s taken the time to really help me understand what I was doing wrong and the correct direction to go. She has not only helped me with plot holes, she’s aided with character development and given me advice on how to make scenes a little more on the steamy side. She’s also helped critique my blurbs and helped me get them in the correct format for publishing. She’s very nice and doesn’t judge you for asking questions. I recommend her services to everyone because she has been so fantastic to me. I’m very grateful I met her and I’m even more grateful she’s helped me become a better writer.” – Jessica Miller