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1: a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory.

When you hear the word ‘critique’, there’s a very negative connotation that usually follows. A majority of the critiques I’ve received during my career as an author all seem to have three things in common.
– Careless, nonspecific reviews
– Tactless comments
Why should getting a proper review of your work be so grueling and leave your confidence shattered and your bank account empty?

The answer?

It shouldn’t.
 If you’re interested in bettering your work and skill, getting an in-depth, helpful critique at the most affordable price you’ll find anywhere on the internet, continue reading below!

What I specialize in:

Character development:

-Do your characters come to life off the page?

-Are they likable?

-Are there areas within the story where they fall out of their character pattern?

– Does your main romance couple have chemistry?  Does their relationship have grounds as to why they should be together and fall for one another or does it seem forced?

-Are they clichéd and tired characters that people are tired of reading?

-Do your main characters build nicely throughout the story or stay stagnant? Nothing kills characters likability with the readers faster than them making the same, ignorant decision over and over again and then wondering why they’re in their current, miserable predicament.


Natural dialogue:

This is what I probably excel in more than any other area of my writing. Thanks to my extensive acting background, I know exactly what sounds natural for a human being to say and what just sounds laughable. If your character is funny, I want to be made to laugh. If your character has a dark, depressing past that plays into how he interacts with others and speaks, I want to be able to get that through his words without feeling like I’m watching a melodramatic Daytime Soap opera.  I’ll be able to point out line by line the dialogue that works brilliantly and brings a crack of a smile to my lips or tears to my eyes, just as well as bring to light the lines that need to be reworked or simply sound forced. If prompted, I would be more than happy to help rewrite some of the questionable dialogue and put a natural flow to the lines with keeping your voice of the character alive.

Plot holes and concept plausibility:

-Does your story make sense?

-Is your conflict clear?

-Is your conflict captivating enough to keep a reader’s attention?

-Is there a clear story arch and resolution?

-Is your concept overused or even possibly far-fetched?

-Do we get to Plot point A to Plot point B with clear precision or is there confusion and lack of detail?

-If you’ve built a world, can I easily visualize it and does it coincide with your plot?

Pacing and flow:

-Is your story capturing the reader’s attention within the first couple chapters? The first two chapters or so of a book are what most all readers judge if they will be continuing the novel or not off of. If these are boring, you’ve lost your reader.

-In the central romance, do the characters build their relationship at a steady but interesting pace or is it the ever dreaded ‘Insta love’?

-Are there any moments that drag? Is there fat that can be cut from the novel to make it tighter and a better overall product?

-Does the story flow from one plot point to the next concisely or does it feel chaotic and confusing for the reader?


Connecting to the reader:

If you don’t or simply can’t connect to your readers, you’ve lost all of your possible audience.

-Are your characters relatable?

-Is your voice as a writer strong enough to connect and bring forth emotion from your readers?

-Is there depth within your main characters?

-Does your story have a clear audience?

-Does your style of writing work for this genre or does it need to be tweaked?

-As a reader, will I be able to connect emotionally to the characters and feel what they’re feeling enough to get entirely lost within the story? Do your characters have enough intrigue and depth to even be cared about?


Now that you know what I do, here’s why you should choose me to do it.


 I love helping other, brand new writers hone in on their craft and give them all of the tools to succeed that I possibly can. That’s why I’ve started this site! I love reading, I love helping others improve, and I know from first hand experience how difficult it can be to find an appropriately priced, professional critic.
On a personal note, I once paid $1000 to have a women tell me over the phone that I had a knack for writing and would be successful if I kept it up.
Was her advice helpful? Yes! Was it worth $1000 dollars of what could have been spent on rent or a lavish vacation? No way.
I know the struggle of becoming a working author, I’m aware of how expensive it can be if you’re attempting self publication, and I simply don’t see why you need to give an arm and a leg to receive a proper critique.
I’ve done my research, scoured through the crevices of the internet and can proudly say that my services are by far the most affordable you’ll find anywhere.
Head over to my ‘Genre’s and Pricing of it’ all tab to see exactly what I’m talking about.
I’ve got the years of writing experience, I’ve been a lover of reading all my life, and I’ve been doing off handed, freelance critiques for a few years now in my spare time.
The reason I don’t charge an obscene amount for my services is simply because I don’t feel that we as a writing community should promote the idea of stuffing our pockets full of cash at the expense of an excited, passionate, new author.
My critiques will be an eloquent, detailed, helpful guide to honing in on your craft and making your novel the best it can be without letting you go broke in the process.
The critique will be worth every cent of what you would normally pay, I just don’t feel so entitled as to charge that much of any up and coming author.